Digital Processing

Keeping the entire signal path digital means there is no signal degradation, no loss of quality and no noise or interference.

The transition to a totally digital signal path is not simple as there are plenty of potential problems.

The on screen images are truly stunning.

Digital signals are simple binary - "0's and 1's" - and if the signal is never converted to analogue it does not degrade. The drawings below show what happens when a signal goes through Digital-to-Analog and Analog-to-Digital convertors. This is similar to generation loss on video and audio tapes.

All digital processing

Purely Digital Processing: Always digital so no loss of quality

Analog Processing

Digital and Analogue Processing: DA and AD conversions reduce signal quality

PCPtechnical has a comprehensive range of digital signal processing, switching and distribution equipment that ensures maximum image quality, ranging from a simple switcher to the mighty Spyder X20.

digital equipment